The Message Machine has a different philosophy to the traditional "big" PR agency. Our proposition is built on a few key values:

Focus on the few
Many agencies try and get every account they possibly can and then service these accounts with young, inexperienced trainees. Often, account teams will drastically change as unmotivated staff leave or bigger more profitable accounts arrive that require attention. The Message Machine only takes accounts when we have capacity. The same team will run the account from the start to the end.

Avoid conflict of interest
Some larger PR agencies will take on new client accounts even when there is a clear conflict of interest. Although many will claim that this practice does not impact negatively on the client, in reality, it does not always serve the best interests of either client. The Message Machine has no competing clients. If we are approached by a client that is in direct competition with an existing client, we will turn down the offer.

Be honest!
The Message Machine has a lot of experience within PR and will always try and be honest as to the likely outcome of an event. Even if our response is not what the client wants to hear, we have a duty of care to provide an honest and professional viewpoint.